Building Management Consultative Services: Sustainable Planning & Design

ESI's building management consultative services provide you with practical, sustainable, intelligent building designs that optimize building performance and operating costs over the life cycle of the building.  

Planning & Design Services

Whether you’re constructing a new building, renovating an existing one, or simply want to improve facility operations and maintenance, ESI enhances the decision-making process. We can maximize your investment by optimizing utility incentives and tax benefits for a significant impact to your bottom line.


Sustainability makes your business better, & ESI has the experience to make you more sustainable

Our team’s expertise led to the LEED double Platinum certification and Energy Star rating of 99 for our own building; Gateway West Sustainable I. The double Platinum certification makes our building one of only six worldwide to achieve this accreditation.

  • RFP Development
  • Performance Specifications
  • Design Document Review
  • Smart Building Design
  • Integrated System & Application Design
  • Owner's Representation & Advisory Servies


ESI creates energy models to help prioritize your energy use decisions and optimize building design.


Analysis is a key component to efficiency.  ESI assesses current and planned facility usage and then provides optimization strategies to lower your cost of operation. 


ESI's experience with the LEED and Energy Star processes can help you achieve these accreditations.  Our LEED Accredited Professionals and Certified Energy Managers have many years of experience working on LEED projects.