ESI's Energy Management Services and Facility Management Services greatly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs by designing Energy Efficiency buildings.

Our building performance analysis can identify how you can greatly reduce your energy consumption and maintenance costs, and improve comfort and environmental quality.

Building Automation and Energy Management Controls, Your Answer to Building Efficiency

As a thought leader in the industry, ESI takes a multi-faceted approach, and gives you a complete solution, tailored to your building.  Our goal is to help you make your building more efficient, so you can save money and focus on growing your business.  

Building Performance Analysis

The energy assessment of your facility is the foundation of all solutions.  We examine your current situation through a combination of a site walkthrough, data collection, analytics, and interviews.  The goal coming out of this assessment is to identify opportunities to improve your building’s energy efficiency and reduce your cost of operations.

ESI offers a myriad of solutions for making your building more efficient, including:

Energy Assessments, Supply-Side Energy Management, Demand-Side Energy Management, Retro Commissioning, Data Analytics, Measurement & Verification, Managed Services

Energy Management

ESI combines solutions and processes to maximize your facility’s overall energy management.  Our solutions include: continuous monitoring, load response programs, control strategies, and alternative energy options among others. 

Retro Commissioning

The keys to success. ESI’s retro commissioning services are performed by trained service technicians, system engineers, and certified energy managers.  They work to identify any deficiencies or opportunities existing in your building.

Data Analytics

Knowledge is power.  ESI’s Building Performance Manager platform provides advanced system technology that transforms data into information that can be used for action. 

Measurement & Verification

Keeping your finger on the pulse.  Knowing how your facility consumes energy, and what you’re doing to manage it are crucial components to efficiency success.  Our metering, dashboards, and measurement and verification services allow you to validate savings, provide the information you need to effectively manage your building and communicate results within your organization and to external stakeholders. 


How do you compare? ESI’s benchmarking provides you with a rating of your building’s performance compared to similar building’s in its class or other buildings within your portfolio. This information allows you to drive awareness and communicate your efforts toward sustainability.