Retail Building and Facility Management Solutions - How to increase energy efficiency.

Our solutions provide comfortable and secure environments across the country. Take control of HVAC, lighting, and monitoring of energy and water usage as well as refrigeration systems. 

We’ve learned a few valuable things in our long history of providing retail building management solutions to retail customers: the importance of consistency in implementation and support, and the ability to provide key operating information to all levels of the retail organization.

Specialized Retail Facility Management System Solutions

As your location numbers grow, so do the challenges of keeping tabs on equipment and systems. Keeping all sites operating at peak efficiency can be a challenge, and we offer experience maintaining just that. Some of these solutions include:

For one of our retail customers, our solutions generate over $3.9 million dollars in annual savings.

Our Building and Energy Performance Analysis process transforms mountains of data into actionable information to maintain peak operating efficiency and generate significant savings

  • Integrated control and monitoring of a store’s systems in a single platform
  • Tools you need to analyze site performance against best-in-class site performance
  • Support for multi-site retail operation 
  • Real-time pricing control strategies 
  • Assistance in obtaining energy rebates and incentives to offset costs
  • Augmenting your staff for peak season tasks such as store scheduling and help desk functions

Bottom Line

Building and Energy Performance Analysis allows you to quickly find issues like failed sensors or economizers and allows corrective action before waste occurs. Get the most out of equipment life by catching deteriorating conditions that lead to premature equipment failure. Our data analytics allows for benchmarking, giving you valuable insight against other sites, periods of time, and corporate standards. Support is available around-the-clock through ESI's Managed Services offering which includes: remote monitoring, help desk, service dispatch, and system analysis.