Providing Building Management Consulting Services to Manufacturing to Create Energy Efficient, Intelligent Buildings

Your manufacturing facility needs reliable BAS and BMS systems with little-to-no downtime and proper conditions for quality control and energy management. ESI facility management system solutions achieve this at the lowest possible cost for production and non-production related energy consumption.

ESI understands that every manufacturing facility has its own specific obstacles and opportunities, so it’s our goal to work with you to understand your business, and provide answers that make sense.

Manufacturing Facility Management System Solutions

Our manufacturing solutions focus on the entire plant and combining information into a single cohesive system for managing energy and building information and correlating that production data.  Examples of our solutions include:

  • System Integration
  • Plant Benchmarking
  • Energy, Water, and Air Metering
  • Compressed Air Plant Optimization
  • Data Analytics
  • Real-Time Energy & Environmental Monitoring
  • Load Response Programs


ESI focuses on system integration of the “islands of information” that typically exist in manufacturing environments: plant floor systems, enterprise systems, and energy and utility systems. We merge the data to a single platform for facility remote monitoring and driving higher levels of productivity and quality, while also lowering cost of operations. 

ESI works with you to obtain utility and tax incentives to offset the cost of system improvements.

Plant Improvements

ESI offers improvements in the area of environmental conditions as well as control of chiller plants, heating plants, and compressed air systems. We also assist with plant improvements for heat recovery, water and wastewater and real-time demand response to load control. Additionally, we work with you to maximize incentives to help offset the cost of these improvements. 

Enterprise Systems

For multiple plants, whether across town or across the country, ESI offers benchmarking of operating and production data. For example: view energy, water, and air usage at a plant level, as well as that of an individual work cell unit.