Health Care Energy Efficiency Facility Solutions - Improving Patient Care and Reducing Energy Consumption through Facility Remote Monitoring and Intelligent building design.

Health care facility owners have a primary concern for patient care, a healthy environment, and the safety of patients and staff. ESI facility managed services solutions achieve these standards while delivering energy efficiency.

Health care building management systems and facilities have a wide variety of systems of varying technology. Environmental Systems Inc. can merge these facility systems together and create a cost-effective alternative without the need for a complete building automation system replacement. Our migration plans are specific to the needs of your facility and ensure maximum uptime and seamless integration. This means you can benefit from the capabilities of newer technologies without sacrificing budget.

Health Care Facility Managed Solutions - Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

ESI helps healthcare providers achieve facility energy efficiency solutions that will minimize your energy costs and maximize your patient comfort.  Specific solutions include:

If money is worth tracking so is energy. Every system design should include measurement, monitoring, and diagnostic systems that allow focus on actual performance


Since the comfort of patients and staff is of utmost concern to healthcare facilities, ESI delivers reliable building automation solutions to meet these needs in your building, without sacrificing efficiency.


Computerized facility maintenance management solutions to help track assets, work orders, maintenance history, and maintenance costs. Our managed services platform assists in meeting JCAHO requirements as well. We understand operating budgets are tight and can help maximize staff productivity by providing the right tools to manage maintenance tasks with efficiency.


Environmental Systems, Inc. provides a cohesive solution for monitoring, annunciation, and management of security and life safety.