Offering Facility Management Solutions for the Unique Challenges of Government Buildings

ESI’s extensive list of clients includes federal, state, county, and local governments. 

One ESI client has 500 buildings located in one of the country's top five largest cities. We provided a custom tailored set of BAS system solutions that resulted in a 28% operating cost savings.

ESI provides HVAC, lighting, metering, energy management, security, and life safety solutions, coupled with on-going support and facility managed services. In addition to saving on costs, annually, ESI also extends planning services such as specification development, submittal review, owner’s representation and LEED commissioning.


We have experience navigating the specific challenges of federal buildings.  Our innovative BMS system solutions always take into account the security requirements and demanding logistics, including experience in technology security compliance.


For county governments managing multiple facility types and uses, ESI works to make the management and operation more seamless. Our holistic approach to energy management and facility systems integration will help you lower costs and improve life cycle management.

Success Stories

Download the PDF case studies to see examples of ESI services and systems in action.

  • Chicago City Hall

    Despite the fact that City Hall is more than 100 years old, the facility needed to reflect the City's goals of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

  • Waukesha County

    Waukesha County recognized an opportunity to lower taxpayer impact in 37 municipalities by investing in intelligent building technology.

  • Dane County

    Dane County was looking for ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce operations costs.