Facility Management Consulting Services to Efficiently Improve Entertainment Facilities

Ensure visitors to your entertainment facility have a safe experience in a comfortable environment with ESI smart building solutions. We provide environmental control, flexible scheduling, and security for guests and staff of your facility.

Entertainment Facility Management System Solutions

If money is worth tracking so is energy. Every system design should include measurement, monitoring, and diagnostic systems that allow focus on actual performance.

ESI specializes in equipping buildings for the rapidly changing needs of entertainment venues. We understand that your unique scheduling requirements mean changing environments to accommodate a space that can rapidly switch from unoccupied, to occupied with thousands of people. ESI building management system solutions ensure that your entertainers, audience, and staff are comfortable without using excessive amounts of energy.  Our automated building solutions include:

Bottom Line

We know that Entertainment venues have unique schedules, and high patron demands. ESI understands this, which is why we work with you to provide the best environment for your public and staff, and are here to support you 24 hours a day with our facility remote monitoring and managed services.