Intelligent, Efficient Facility Systems Integration Solutions for Educational Buildings

Educational institutions of all kinds look to ESI to help achieve energy savings, and reduce operating costs through a variety of building management consulting services. At the same time, we ensure that the unique needs of educational facilities are not compromised.

ESI's experience with educational facilities is unmatched. In one school, our retro-commissioning of the mechanical controls systems resulted in over $7,000 in monthly savings.

Whether you’re operating a higher education institution with multiple campus facilities, or a school district with many facilities spread across a municipality, a common challenge is the variety of BMS systems within the various buildings. Different manufacturers’ systems and technology, as well as a variety of communication protocols, present challenges to operating budgets.

While there’s the substantially higher cost to maintain a variety of building management systems, there is also cost of reallocating personnel and cross-training. Energy efficiency is almost impossible to achieve without a properly trained support staff. ESI reduces these costs by incorporating a software framework that provides your staff with a valuable set of tools that simplifies and improves this process. The goal is for your educational facility to be managed proactively, not reactively. The result? A more efficient and cost-effective building management system.

Educational Facility Management Solutions

ESI's robust experience with a number of primary, secondary, and higher education institutions has afforded us the opportunity to develop innovative automated building solutions.  Some of the services we’ve provided to educational facilities include: 

  • System Integration
  • Staff Training/Education
  • Innovative Energy & Operating Dashboards & Kiosks
  • Retro-Commisioning 
  • Automated Continuous Commissioning
  • Utility & Tax Incentive Identification/Guidance
  • Access Control
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Bottom Line

We know that, at the end of the day, there’s nothing more important than the safety and comfort of your students, faculty and staff – so all of our strategies and intelligent building solutions keep this ever-important goal in mind.   

Success Stories

Download the PDF case studies to see examples of ESI services and systems in action.

  • Lake Country School

    For more than a decade, Lake Country School District has partnered with ESI for its building automation systems, controls, and HVAC services.

  • Fort Atkinson School District

    After carefully reviewing the options, it was determined that a geothermal system would be the most cost-effective and efficient way to heat and cool four of the District’s schools.

  • Valder's School District

    Working with the School District’s team, ESI helped Valder’s acquire funding for the recommissioning through Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program.