April 29, 2013

| By ESI

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ESI is a proud sponsor and speaker at Realcomm's IBcon

Visit us in booth 6565 in Orlando, FL, June 11-13.

ESI will be featuring some new innovations at this event, as well as several case studies and speaking engagements as well. Currently, ESI has the following lined-up at IBcon:

Case Studies

ESI will be showcasing four case studies during the event. Our headquarters, Gateway West, and the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery are two of the studies we will be featuring. Make sure you come and visit our tables and hear about these great projects.

Exhibitor Booth

ESI will once again be in Niagara Way across from the Tridium booth. We are in spots 6565 and 6567. There will be plenty to see and hear about. Make sure you stop by as we will be showcasing a new innovation. Stop by for information about SkySpark. As always, you can come and talk with one of our thought leaders about your building and how we can provide a solution.

Paul Oswald – Panelist – Analytics & Visualization - Turning Data Into Action and Results

Data collection began by connecting limited energy systems and retrieving a few pieces of information. A very short time later, a major U.S. corporation is now collecting 500,000,000 pieces of data from its corporate campus every day. Collecting, organizing, analyzing and converting this data into action are the keys to success. The analytics and visualization systems managing the data are at the core of this effort. This session will feature global best practices for advanced analytics and visualization relating to real operations and estate energy management.

Darryl Benson – Panelist – Command and Control - Defining Best Practices

Centralized command and control centers were once primarily for the biggest buildings in the world. Recently, as more smart building early adopters have brought their projects online and centralized support makes more sense, command and control centers have become more popular. There are many things to consider when designing and operating a command center: location, physical design, technical design, support service offering, business continuity, and security and staff qualifications. All these will be addressed in this session.

Darryl Benson – Panelist – NextGen FM Team - From Engineer to Analyst

Historically, engineers received phone/radio calls or emails about problems or issues, while keeping busy with preventative maintenance. They would wait for a problem to occur and the order of response was random. With the advent of connected systems and massive data flows, the facility executive of tomorrow must be informed and proactive. The predominant areas of expertise required include knowing where to find the data, how to organize it and ultimately, how to understand and act on it. This session will discuss the new skills required by facility and operations professionals, whether in-house or outsourced, in this era of smart and connected buildings.

Brian Oswald – Panelist – Subsystem Integration - Understanding the Options

As building operators continue to better understand the benefits of having all of their electro-mechanical systems on a converged network, the connectivity of these disparate systems must be addressed. Controllers connected to the network, smart edge conversion devices, as well as a growing number of native IP devices these add to the complexity of this challenge. Considering the needs of today (one application/one device) and understanding the long term potential for additional system integration requirements will be at the center of this discussion.

Chip Pieper – Moderator – Understanding IT's Role in Energy and Sustainability

The topics of Energy and Sustainability have certainly gained relevance over the last few years. While each has specific mandates, there are some overlap; adding ‘smart buildings’ to the mix makes it even more complex. The reality is complex building systems based on sophisticated technologies require an IT component that, when properly planned and executed, can take both energy efficiency and sustainability to a higher level. This session will feature energy and sustainability ideas from experienced executives with a deep understanding of smart building systems and their potential.

Joe Feuling – Leading – the Smart Building Showcase on Security

Track: SMART BUILDING 2013 Tech Trends Briefing. This dynamic super session will provide a comprehensive, unbiased, high level, fast paced review of the latest trends and developments as they relate to the concept of open architected, interoperable, integrated and IP-centric smart buildings in the areas of: energy, lighting, HVAC, security/access, lifts, fire/life/safety, parking, digital signage, AV, sensors and other innovations.

Joe Feuling – Panelist – Extreme Operations – Connecting Everything to the Network

Automating HVAC, lighting, security cameras and utility meters are the obvious critical areas for smart, connected, high-performance, intelligent buildings. What about all the other electro-mechanical devices in a building that provide some type of functionality, sometimes require human interaction and have “secret data” utilized to provide insight and business value? Digital signage, elevators, escalators, parking gates, water meters, bathroom fixtures, drinking fountains and even fire extinguishers are just a few of the secondary but important systems to be discussed in this session.