July 10, 2011

| By Jim Young, CEO, Realcomm

With an economy on the mends, deep fundamental economic problems continuing to be a problem and organizations not innovating as aggressively as they have in the past, we were not quite sure what Realcomm 2011 would look like. We always go into the conference with high expectations but recent years have taught us to be cautiously optimistic. Despite the uncertainty the conference turned out better than expected.

The following is a brief summary of this year's conference highlights:

  • The quality of the attendees were extraordinary. There was high level representation by many of the country's top real estate companies
  • Innovation is back! The Big Idea Showcase highlighted some of the most innovative ideas we have seen in years
  • GSA/PBS is leading the charge on Intelligent Buildings with their Fast 50 Project
  • IT Professionals Involvement in Intelligent Infrastructure is no longer "if" but rather "when"
  • PM/FM and IT will be tightly integrated in the property team of the future
  • The multitude of business solutions found in a real estate firm are slowly being woven into an integrated enterprise
  • Major new solution providers showed up looking to service the large emerging opportunity around intelligent buildings
  • Companies brought their teams from property management, facilities, leasing, finance as well as other executive leadership
  • The best practices came from around the world and a multitude of international markets were represented

We would like to thank everyone who made Realcomm 2011 an extraordinary success. This event would not be possible without the endless support of our chairman, advisory council, solutions providers and attendees who all came prepared to contribute to our industry. Together we are making our industry more efficient, competitive, profitable and successful.

2011 Digie Award Winners

We are also proud to announce the 2011 Digie Award Winners!! Each year, Realcomm presents the most innovative real estate companies, individuals, and solution providers with the prestigious Digie Award. This award is designed to recognize the most forward-thinking leaders in commercial real estate who are making the greatest impact through the use of technology and automation.


Facility Management


  • Delivered the best example in the US to date of an integrated, automated, connected building
  • Highly focused 21st century leadership vision for automating building controls and facility management processes
  • Pushing the envelope in putting edge devices, including fire extinguishers, on the building network


Sperry Van Ness

  • 100% adoption of social media strategy throughout the SVN organization
  • Creation of a significant marketing edge via strategic use of internal information systems
  • CEO who "get's it" - technology initiatives driven "top down" by executive leadership


CenterPoint Properties

  • Continued enthusiastic willingness to share ideas with the industry
  • "CUB 2 Go" representing one of the most innovative examples of how a well designed mobile solution can drive better employee efficiency while increasing tenant satisfaction.
  • An industry leader that never stops rethinking and automating traditional business processes

Property Management

Inland Real Estate

  • Created Webalo enabled mobile application suite that has transformed shopping center management processes
  • Significant contributions to business process automation in our industry
  • Extraordinary integration of multiple applications creating a comprehensive enterprise strategy

Corporate Real Estate


  • Extreme research and development in technologies for building operations
  • Rethinking all aspects of impact of real estate use on communities and environment
  • Exemplifies risk taking to create innovative approaches to sustainable, energy efficient design strategies including, solar, networked LED lighting and other green initiaitives


City or State

Austin, Texas

  • Represents one of the earliest organized municipal energy management initiatives in the country
  • Continuous proving ground for energy and sustainability initiatives
  • Aggressive leadership in deployment of energy conservation and management initiatives though coordinated efforts with vendors, private real estate owners and other 3rd parties


Simon Property Group

  • Extraordinary efforts to better understand business process automation and taking the lead in the development of a leading edge mobile application
  • Continues to demonstrate leadership in driving automation throughout the organization
  • Aggressive and comprehensive automation of business processes for their retail locations


Jersey City Housing Authority

  • State’s largest public-private collaborative energy metering and management initiative for public housing
  • Visionary leadership by executive staff on developing and implementing large scale energy projects
  • Initiated cooperative agreements with multiple organizations in order to accomplish project objectives



  • Truly visionary understanding of the strategic impact technology can have on the design, development, leasing, management, transaction and use of real estate
  • Alignment of Real Estate, IT and Facility Management stakeholders for the purpose of creating a smart connected portfolio (GSA/PBS "Fast 50" program)
  • Unprecedented vision from leadership to adopt open standards and IP enabled protocols for all building/enterprise information transport



Google - Android

  • Creation and propagation of highly competitive open source, consumer-driven information platform
  • Has quickly and effectively created a viable iPhone alternative for the business and consumer markets
  • Developer community quickly developing applications

Building Automation

SkyFoundry -SkySpark

  • Innovative team continually pushing the envelope in terms of automating building processes
  • Industry changing technology that leverages the Niagara developer network
  • Opens up analytics and building intelligence to thousands of potential users for a huge impact at relatively low-cost


Tridium – Niagara Energy Appliance

  • Greatly simplifies the process of connecting device networks to JACE building controllers thus enabling easier, more cost-effective deployment and adoption
  • Tridium continues to be the master of integrating multiple devices into a web-based, IP enabled framework
  • Niagara framework has transformed energy management resulting in significant savings across multiple building classes


LoopNet Mobile App – Shopping Center Group

  • Has demonstrated vision and consistency in providing next generation information services to the industry through the use of technology
  • Custom branded the largest commercial real estate property database for brokerage and retail leasing applications
  • Leadership position in creating mobile applications for the commercial real estate industry


Darryl Benson - Panduit

  • One of the industry's longest and most consistent drivers of open architected, interoperable IP building automation platforms
  • Has invested a significant amount of time and energy exploring and understanding firsthand, next generation building best practices
  • Has tirelessly shared his perspective and experience on Intelligent Infrastructure with the industry

Larry Melton – GSA/PBS

  • Has proactively reached out to the real estate IT community to better understand the relationship between information technology and traditional building operations
  • His strategic vision is significantly impacting the operations of one of the US’s largest landlords (GSA/PBS) and will ultimately set benchmarks for the private real estate sector as well
  • Has consistently encouraged the establishment of private/public partnerships in order to leverage experience, accelerate adoption and mitigate risk in the deployment of smart buildings

Steve Messaros – Liberty Property Trust

  • Has truly embraced and executed an IT strategy in complete alignment with business leaders and established IT as an integral part of the overall company strategic planning process
  • Has developed a very broad vision in regards to technologies impact on real estate which includes; operations, transactions as well as the impact on how commercial space will be used
  • One of the most consistent and determined industry leaders who has demonstrated a genuine desire to increase the effectiveness of the industry though accelerated peer collaboration

David Schacht – Simon Properties

  • Through visionary strategic planning and successful execution, has set the benchmarks for automation and innovation in the commercial retail sector
  • Has established early standards in the use of mobile technology in the commercial real estate industry and has aggressively moved to exploit the benefits of this platform
  • Has consistently encouraged industry collaboration and information sharing in order to accelerate adoption and mitigate the risk in strategic IT initiatives