July 30, 2014

| By CoR Advisors

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Driving Value With Smart Building Analytics

In May 2012, the US General Services Administration (GSA) started the GSA Smart Buildings Analytics project. Today they have 55 buildings around the country receiving data from 26 different types of building automation systems, 8,330 different pieces of equipment and 49,911 sensors through an integrated platform. GSA is using real-time operational data and advanced analytics to save energy and reduce costs while improving building performance and tenant satisfaction. Frank Santella, Assistant Commissioner, and Phil Klokis, Associate CIO, will discuss the GSA business case and explain how facility management and information technology came together to deliver this first-of-a-kind project . IBM and their partner ESI, who were awarded the fulfillment contract, will join GSA to present the solution, milestones, and lessons learned from this innovative project.