March 06, 2014

| By Dan Klasen

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Four Challenges Facing Data Center Facilities Teams Today

Written by Dan Klasen

Dan Klasen recently wrote an article for the Data Center Journal on "Four Challenges facing Data Center Facilities Teams Today." An excerpt from the article is below and a link is provided to read the entire article as well.

Article Excerpt

With the start of a new year, there are resolutions on everyone’s mind. Inevitably management schedules that team meeting that starts out “how are we going to improve this year,” ”where can we find inefficiencies” or ”give me your top three best ideas for 2014.” What can be a little disheartening is if this list starts to look a lot like last year’s list. How can you move from challenges and issues to innovation and resolution? 

Challenge: ”Everything’s a Fire Drill”: In a mission critical environment feeling the need to address every issue immediately  is just a commonplace; issue discovered, request a response, if you don’t get a response in a certain time, elevate that request and repeat.  

Solution: Challenge your existing partners to identify systemic root cause solutions. Many current partners/vendors are also supporting other data center clients. Leverage their expertise to assist with putting out the “fire” and to provide a solution that will eliminate the issue in the future...

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