Creating Intelligent Buildings through Facility Remote Monitoring for Sustainability Executives

Sustainability executives tend to have a holistic responsibility to seek smart building solutions that can systemically influence the business on a multitude of levels.

Our “Alignment Matching” process ensures that we develop customized solutions, fit to your business’ specific facility, technology, energy, and staffing needs.

The decisions a sustainability executive has to make require alignment with the organization’s greater environmental objectives. These aims may entail a wide breadth of corporate ambitions and goals, including:

  • Facility Optimization
  • Carbon Tracking
  • Energy Management
  • Educating the Staff on Sustainability Principles
  • Understanding/Managing Governmental Regulations/Incentives

CBRE|ESI has worked extensively with sustainability executives. Our goal is to assist in envisioning, designing and deploying building system integration solutions that are aligned with the complex set of requirements that impact the unique obligations that sustainability executives are responsible for in their role.  

Based on our experience, CBRE|ESI continues to be successful in deploying building automation solutions that map to the organization’s specific business, technology, facility, energy and staffing criteria through a strategy of “alignment matching.”  CBRE|ESI’s team of experts, in facility optimization, energy management, facility system integration, network architecture and financial modeling, first diagnose the objectives the sustainability executive has outlined and then match and align those requirements with the right BMS system solution. This rigorous methodology ensures that the decision making process is optimized, expectations are met and results are maximized.