Learn How ESI can Answer Your Facilities Managed Services, Facility Remote Monitoring and Facility Systems Integration Questions.

Facility Managers have an extensive list of responsibilities involving their facility systems that are both varied and complex. ESI makes facility systems integration and optimization one less thing to worry about.

At ESI, we understand how varied and important your responsibilities are. That’s why our solutions are designed with the goal of empowering you to “do more with less.”

At ESI, we understand how varied and important your responsibilities are. That’s why our facilities managed services solutions are designed with the goal of empowering you to “do more with less.”

Responsibilities of Facility Managers include everything from maintenance management and furniture upgrades to security systems and IT interface. Facility Managers need to have access to reliable systems information to make proactive decisions that optimize facility performance and facility efficiency. Typically, facility and staff performance is directly tied to maintaining comfort thresholds. 

Regardless if it’s reducing hot/cold calls or improving equipment efficiency, the objective can be difficult to achieve when facility resources (time, people and money) continue to be constrained. However as technology continues to evolve, so do the capabilities of achieving the ideal environmental conditions in the facility, even when faced with diminishing resources. By designing, developing and deploying facility remote monitoring solutions that align with what matters most to facility managers, and that enable them to “do more with less,” ESI demonstrates time and again their ability to provide impactful facility efficiency and optimization solutions that deliver results.

How Facility Managers Solved Facility Remote Monitoring Problems

A properly designed support program consists of many different, yet highly inter-related elements that provide life cycle management of your facility and the assets within, thereby ensuring maximum return on your investment, as well as increased operating efficiency and productivity, resulting in the lowest possible operating cost.

These elements, when combined into a program that is tailored for your facility systems to provide you with significant and quantifiable energy and operational cost savings that also reduces the amount of risk associated with maintaining a facility.

Our experience is to take advantage of technology to fill the gap of time and expertise in order to achieve high levels of facility efficiency while at the same time minimizing the cost to operate and maintain the facility. Technology, when coupled with sound facility remote monitoring processes and domain expertise, drives significant results in facility efficiency.

  • Facility Managed Services Strategies & Benefits Include:
  • Improving the quality and productivity of the workforce
  • Deploying the latest systems faster, with less cost and risk
  • Obtaining better metrics/performance measurements
  • Complying with documentation more efficiently and accurately
  • Delegating energy management for savings and sustainability
  • Ensuring maintenance of capital assets
  • Enjoying best-in-class capital management