Facility efficiency decisions leading to energy savings and sustainability are much easier at Environmental Systems Inc.

A recent poll by Harris Interactive, on behalf of Schneider Electric, found that nearly 9 out of 10 Fortune 1000 senior executives felt that they needed to make their companies more energy efficient. 

Knowing that senior executives have the most diverse roles in the business, access to relevant and accurate information quickly, is essential to optimized decision making. ESI provides the building automation solutions for senior executives to assimilate corporate sustainability objectives into a holistic performance view of their real estate portfolio. This view comes in the form of a facility managed services solution that Environmental Systems Inc. deploys to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability goals. 

ESI’s managed services solution integrates facility data and surfaces the most critical information as it relates to energy, maintenance and equipment savings. This building management solution has proven to be very successful in empowering senior executives with the ability to make better business decisions as it relates to their energy and sustainability objectives.

88% of executives surveyed in a recent poll by Harris Interactive wanted to cut energy use, and 61% said that cost savings are their biggest energy-saving motivator.

Helping financial executives understand the benefits from Smart buildings and intelligent buildings.

Often caught between the CEO and the sustainability, facility and energy management team, the CFO needs to make the best financial decision for the business. CEOs may mandate specific sustainability metrics; however, it’s up to the team to execute on this vision. The CFO is then typically tasked with cost justifying, energy and sustainability solution adoption and ensuring there is alignment between corporate business objectives and the means to invest in such facility management solutions

ESI’s team of business consultants work with CFOs to design and build the necessary financial models that can be used to confirm that the energy management solution being considered, accurately represents the organization’s requirements to financially adopt the proposed intelligent building offering. Having successfully engaged with numerous CFOs from companies of all sizes, ESI has the expertise to ensure that our clients are empowered to make the best energy efficient decisions for their organization.