Providing Energy Managers with Facility System Integration Solutions for Energy Efficiency

Energy Managers have a very complex role in today’s organizations. Reducing energy costs is equivalent to adding revenue in today's competitive markets, and careful facility managed services for energy management is critical to continued success.

CBRE/ESI has received numerous accolades from the industry by delivering solutions that are aligned with our client’s objectives.

Through CBRE|ESI’s patent pending Building and Energy Performance Analysis process, we have achieved millions of dollars per year in energy and maintenance operations savings for our clients.

Furthermore, complications arising from peak demand exposure force energy managers to continuously look for ways to gain deeper intelligence in their facilities overall performance, so as to avoid unnecessary charges and maximize areas for improvements in energy efficiency

Accessing accurate and timely information is essential for an energy manger’s success. Therefore, CBRE|ESI has developed an extensive energy practice, staffed with noted experts in the field of energy management, to provide in-depth guidance and actionable results – including reduced operating costs and increased energy efficiency