CBRE | ESI's Building Management Consulting Services for Building Operators

Building operations is more complex than ever. CBRE|ESI's goal is to make things as energy efficient for you as possible and to create an intelligent building through facility managed services.

CBRE/ESI has achieved significant savings for our customers.

CBRE|ESI has conducted numerous successful interventions that have led to solutions that are specifically aligned to our client’s unique set of requirements through ESI’s patent pending Building and Energy Performance Analysis process.

The development of innovative technologies has profoundly affected the building operator’s ability to be proactive rather than reactive when addressing building systems maintenance management.  In the past, building operators were reliant on mechanical means and simple building automation tools to diagnose operational performance. Building operators can also leverage sophisticated technology that provides analytical direction on how to address facility issues before they become major problems.  

In order to accomplish this “automated continuous facility improvement,” CBRE|ESI customizes an alignment of your organizational objectives and systems knowledge to maximize results. 

CBRE|ESI’s services help Building Operators:

  • Do more with less resources
  • Gain real-time transparency into systems performance
  • Achieve higher levels of building operations efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance, energy consumption, & labor costs
  • Maximize equipment