LEED Triple Platinum Certified Building - CBRE | ESI's Gateway West Sustainable I Facility

We figure the best way to demonstrate our thought leadership, capabilities and dedication to sustainability is by employing them in our very own office.  Constructed between April and December of 2009, Gateway West Sustainable I is a model of efficiency and a reflection of CBRE|ESI’s culture of collaboration, continuous learning and leadership by example.

In addition to reducing our energy expenditure by $31,914 in our first full year of occupancy, Gateway West has exterior views and natural light in 100% of our work areas and a 30% greater fresh air volume over code requirements.

Sustainability, Energy Efficient, Intelligent Building Services

From the outset, the goal was to implement a practical and sustainable design that minimized lifecycle costs, while maximizing return on investment and innovation.  

We felt this was an opportunity to leverage our expertise in providing creative solutions.  So we established employee comfort and indoor environmental quality as high priorities, and set to create a workspace that supports our culture of collaboration, communication, and environmental responsibility. 

Did We Achieve Our Sustainability Goals?

The short answer?  Yes, we did.  And here are some numbers to prove it.

For the first full year of occupancy, January-December 2010 we:

  • Saved 41% on energy costs ($31,914)
  • Eliminated 223 tons of CO2
  • Earned a LEED Platinum Certification
  • Earned Energy Star Rating of 98
  • Earned Designation of Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s “Green Masters”

How Does Sustainability Continue?

To ensure we maintain our high level of performance, and keep pursuing efforts to be more sustainable, we implemented the LEED EBOM process and achieved a second LEED Platinum certification in this category. In January of 2016, Gateway Sustainable I achieved LEED V4 EB O+M Platinum certification ­­- a huge accomplishment - making the facility triple platinum. This makes Gateway West Sustainable I one of only six buildings worldwide to achieve a LEED triple Platinum certified building.  In addition, our continuous monitoring and improvement efforts helped us improve our Energy Star rating to 99.  At CBRE|ESI, we are always looking to progress and improve our services to achieve peak efficiency from BAS systems and BMS systems through remote monitoring and managed services