May 30, 2014

| By Environmental Systems

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ESI is a proud sponsor and speaker at Realcomm's IBcon

Visit us in booth 507 in Las Vegas, NV, June 18-19.

ESI is excitied to be a platinum sponsor at this year's conference and be presenting will be several case studies and speaking engagements as well. Currently, ESI has the following lined-up at IBcon:


ESI will be showcasing three case studies during the event. Our headquarters, Gateway West, will be one of the case studies we will be featuring. Make sure you come and visit our tables and hear about these great projects.


ESI will have a lrger presence this year on the exhibit floor, taking a quad-space in spot 507. We will be across the way from the conference live stage. There will be plenty to see and hear about. Make sure you stop by as we are planning on something very different for this year's show. As always, you can come and talk with one of our thought leaders about your building and how we can provide a solution.

PAUL OSWALD – A Comprehensive STRATEGY: Operations + Energy + Sustainability + Experience = Profitability

 6/18/2014 | 11:30AM - 12:30PM (Session times may vary and are subject to change.)

What are smart, connected, high-performance, intelligent buildings? Why should we embark on this journey of energy conservation, operational efficiency, sustainability, enhanced occupant experience, financial optimization...or all of the above? So often, organizations only focus on one aspect leaving many other benefits on the table or designing stand-alone systems and strategies that may never work in concert. This informative session will address the question of “what problem am I trying to solve” followed by a pragmatic overview of a well thought-out and holistic building, portfolio, campus transformation strategy.

PAUL OSWALD – A Fast Changing Market – Assessing Current Skills and Developing New Ones

6/17/2014 |   (Session times may vary and are subject to change.)

With the building automation market changing at an unprecedented rate, it is almost impossible for system integrators to keep pace. Rapidly advancing technologies, business models, client organizational structures as well as the complexities of learning to sell more sophisticated solutions through a consultative approach are just some of the things system integrators need to learn about. Paul Oswald, an industry leader who has transformed his organization over the last 10 years, will address and lead a discussion on this important and timely topic.


6/18/2014 | 2:00PM - 3:00PM (Session times may vary and are subject to change.)

Capitalism enables and encourages established businesses and entrepreneurs to find the next great idea. However, whenever a marketplace simply has too many solutions and disparate concepts, chaos erupts. The smart, connected, energy efficient building industry has the established industry giants, new Fortune 500 entrants, solid middle market domain leaders and an extraordinary number of start-ups. This world-class panel will discuss and debate the market/solution saturation and provide perspective and guidance to real estate owners and operators looking to implement smart building solutions.

PAUL OSWALD – Intelligent Buildings Basics

6/17/2014 | 1:00PM - 1:45PM (Session times may vary and are subject to change.)

You need to lay a good foundation for an effective smart building strategy. That includes a vision and a plan. In this session, we'll start with a macro look at the evolution of the industry and where it is today; get some perspective on what can be accomplished and how to start, and; wrap up with a primer on building controls.

BRIAN OSWALD – Creating a SINGLE High Performance BUILDING, One Project at a Time

6/18/2014 | 11:30AM - 12:30PM (Session times may vary and are subject to change.)

In many instances, implementing a smart, energy efficient strategy for a single building allows for a broader and deeper approach. Without the need to consider the implications of connecting multiple assets, a stand-alone project can be more attuned to a variety of options including design, solar, lighting, shading, water, building automation, communications, digital signage and other smart attributes. While this comprehensive approach is more difficult in a large project or portfolio, single focused developments can be more aggressive. This session will highlight those single asset projects that go both wide and deep in smart innovation.

BRIAN OSWALD – Energy Management Systems – Developing an Effective SELECTION PROCESS

6/18/2014 | 5:00PM - 6:00PM (Session times may vary and are subject to change.)

The list of companies offering Energy Management Systems (EMS) continues to grow. For the real estate owner/operator, it has become an exhaustive task to identify, organize and analyze the different options for a final, incisive decision. To further complicate matters, there are various components of EMS that include analytics, visualization, fault detection, middleware and data warehouse integration and process automation. This informative session will attempt to bring clarity to EMS on issues such as platform capabilities, execution and support, vendor longevity and others.

BRIAN OSWALD – Project Haystack – A Smart Building Industry Initiative to Create DATA STANDARDS

6/19/2014 | 3:15PM - 4:15PM (Session times may vary and are subject to change.)

Intelligent facility management requires that different applications be readily able to interpret the meaning of equipment systems data without costly human intervention. Project Haystack is an open source initiative to develop tagging conventions for building equipment data. Haystack provides a simple methodology for defining the meaning of data, as well as standardized data models for sites, equipment and points related to energy, HVAC, lighting, and other systems. This session will provide analysis of Project Haystack and the role it plays in achieving data sharing across applications.

CHIP PIEPER – NextGen Buildings at Scale – Do We Have Enough SKILLED PROFESSIONALS to Execute?

6/19/2014 | 3:00PM - 4:00PM (Session times may vary and are subject to change.)

There has been much talk about jumping the chasm as it relates to smart, connected, high-performance, intelligent buildings. New, high profile case studies have emerged that suggest we could be moving from early adopter to early majority. The big questions that arise now are: Do we have the skill set on the supply side to implement and support smart buildings at scale? Where will the new expertise come from? This session will also explore whether it will be traditional controls integrators, major suppliers, IT companies, managed service providers or others who will take responsibility for large, multiple asset, multiple application deployments.